We Dandelion at Chapman & Co.Pest Control realizethat to most people weeds are pests to. We offer weed service for your landscaped rock areas to tackle this problem. We do things differently than most companies who handle lawn care. We use both pre and post emergent weed killer to take care of your problems. Let’s take a quick moment to understand what this means.

Pre-emergent weed killer: herbicides are applied before the targeted weed germinates, and are an effective preventative method for controlling weeds. Crabgrass preventer is a good example. Pre-emergents establish a chemical barrier that will not kill established plants, but will prevent weeds from successfully growing.

crabgrassPost-emergent week killer: are designed to attack weeds that are already established and growing. All of the contact weed killers are post-emergents.

Weeds: by definition, a weed is any plant that is growing where you do not want it to grow. Flowers growing in the lawn or grass growing in the flower bed would be considered weeds. Botanically, there are three types of weeds: broadleaf (ex. dandelion), grassy (ex. crabgrass) and grass-like (ex. wild onion).

Most lawn companies use post-emergent weed killer to take care of the problem that can be seen. We take care of the problems to come as well as the problems that exist today. So what does Chapman & Co. Pest Control weed service offer?

  • Free Estimate for your areas
  • Preand post emergent weed chemicals applied to your landscaped rock areas
  • 90 day warrantee on thetreated areas, any problems, call us and we come back to take care of it FREE
  • Follow up to check and see how you and your lawn is doing

With service like that, how can you go wrong?! Give us a call to setup you free weed inspection today! (602) 224-0799