Timely Services

One-Time Services – We come out once and treat your problem after we do a free inspection
Bimonthly Services – We offer services bimonthly based on your needs
Monthly Services – We come out every month based on your needs
Annual Services – We offer services annually based on your needs
Quarterly Services – We come out once a quarter and treat your area
Seasonal Service – We come out once a season in the seasons you need us
Same Day Service – We offer emergency same day service

Basic Services

Consultations – We offer free consultations based on your needs
Free Estimates – We offer a free estimate before we start work
Free Inspections – We inspect all your trouble areas free of charge
Home Inspections – We inspect your home for pests
Household Pest Control – We handle basic pest control issues around your house
Service Agreements – We can send you quotes and service agreements before we start work
Warranties & Guarantees – We offer Warranties and Guarantees on our work

Types of Services

Automatic Mosquito Misting Systems – We can install an automatic mosquito misting system for you
Baiting Systems – We can use bait stations to rid you of certain pests
Bed Bug Inspection – We can do a thorough inspection for bedbugs
Breeding Site Treatments – We treat the area where pests are breading
Exclusion Systems & Services – We will set spikes and mesh
Fogging – Use a fogger to empty out Bee and Wasp hives
Heat Treatment – We can perform a heat treatment to kill bed bugs and their eggs
Home Sealing – We can seal openings to keep birds and pests from entering your home
Integrated Pest Management – We can design an integrated pest management system for you
K-9 Inspection – We can bring a certified K-9 in to inspect your house for bed bugs with 95% accuracy
Liquid Treatments – We inject liquid into areas of issue to rid you of pests
Long Term Termite Control – After will rid you of termites we offer long term control
Lot Clearing – We can clear your empty lot of debris
Olive Tree Spraying Fruit Control – Keep most of the fruit from germinating all over your tree
Organic Pest Control – We can use only organic pesticides for certain problems upon request
Outdoor Pest Control – We handle outdoor pests and sprays for you
Pest Exclusion – We can set up exclusions to keep birds and rats from roosting
Prevention Treatments – We offer numerous prevention techniques and chemicals
Residential Exterminations – We can handle entire residential areas including condos and apartments
Spray Treatment – We offer indoor and outdoor spray treatments for certain pests
Special Events – We can treat areas beforehand for special events like outdoor weddings
Trapping – We can trap specific pests like pigeons, rats, roof rats, etc…
Termite Inspections – We will do a free termite inspection upon request
Termite Baiting – We can do termite baiting to keep termites from your house
Wall Injections – We can inject areas of your walls that pests are entering or living to rid you of them
Weed Prevention – We apply pre and post emergent weed chemicals to rid you of weeds


Ant Control – Baiting and extermination of ants and their hives
Bat Removal – Trap and removal of bats, followed by exclusion installation
Bed Bug Control – Long term control for bed bugs after infestations have been cleared
Bed Bug Treatment – Heat and/or chemical treatment to kill them pronto
Bee Control – Trapping of bees and relocation followed by removal of their hives
Bird Control – Trap and removal of birds, followed by exclusion installation
Bug Extermination – General pest extermination
Cricket Control – Extermination of crickets
Earwig Control – Extermination of earwigs
Flea & Tick Treatments – Treatment of indoor and outdoor tick and flea areas
Flea Extermination – Extermination of fleas both indoor and outdoor
Fly Control – Extermination of flies and their larva
Gnat Control – locating problem areas and ridding your of gnats
Gopher Control – Trap or extermination followed by removal of gophers and the filling of their holes
Mice Control – Trap and bating with extermination or removal of mice
Mole Control – extermination and removal of moles and the filling of their holes
Mosquito Control – Extermination of mosquitos and their larva
Pest Control – General pest control services
Pigeon Control – Bait, Trap, and removal of pigeons followed by exclusions installed
Raccoon Removal – Trap and removal of raccoons
Rat Removal – Trap and removal of rats followed by sealing and injections
Reptile Control – removal or unwanted snakes, lizards, etc…
Roach Control – Extermination of roaches
Roof Rat Removal – Trap and removal of roof rats followed by sealing
Scorpion extermination – Extermination of scorpions and their nests
Scorpion Night Hunts – Nightly visits to hunt and exterminate scorpions
Scorpion treatment – Treatment of scorpion areas and entrances
Spider Control – Extermination of spiders and their food sources
Squirrel Control – Trap and removal of squirrels followed by installation of exclusions
Wasp Control & Removal – Extermination of wasps and their hives
Yellow Jacket Control – Extermination of yellow jackets and their hives