Chapman and Co. Pest Control was founded by Mr. Chapman, a local of the Valley area. The company grew and prospered for numerous years and continues to do so. Eventually the original owner, Mr. Chapman retired and Gary Leblanc purchased and took over That was over 20 years ago, and we have been going ever since.

Chapman remains a family owned business that has adopted the motto, “Service is our salesman.” Over the years we have joined many organizations like the Arizona Pest Professional Organization and the National Pest Management Association to ensure safety and understanding in our profession. As the industry progressed and standards have changed, we have always maintained the safety of our customers at the highest level of priority. We feel that taking care of our customers’ needs and their safety will carry us forward into the future. Our customers have agreed with this, giving us the highest ratings available with companies like the Better Business Bureau,, Phoenix City Search, and AZ Central just to name a few.

We at Chapman Pest Control encourage our customers to ask as many questions as they can think of! We do free consultations for this reason, to help you better understand what we are doing and why we are doing it.